Are you passionate about Big Data, Data Science, Data Monetization, Real-time Stream Processing or Data Engineering?

Let's watch the videos of Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit 2020 ! Learn about Big Data trends from last year! 

Meet our outstanding speakers - visionaries and experts, who work with Big Data at the top data-driven companies.

Discover the most significant trends in Big Data from 2020 ! How has technology developed from a year ago ? Did we predict any progression? What did we observe back then? Check it out!

Meet our speakers:

  • Omnichannel Personalization as an example of creating data ROI – from separate use cases to operational complete data ecosystem - Tomasz Burzyński, Mateusz Krawczyk, Orange
  • Data Science @ PMI – Journey from business problem to the data product industrialization - Michał Dyrda, Maciej Marek, Philip Morris International
  • Data Platform at Bolt: challenges of scaling data infrastructure in a hyper-growth startup Snorkel Beambell – Real-time Weak Supervision on Apache Beam - Łukasz Grądzki, Bolt, Suneel Marthi, Amazon Web Services
  • How to send 16,000 servers to the cloud in 8 months? - Marcin Mierzejewski, OpenX, Radek Stankiewicz, Google Cloud
  • Neural Machine Translation: achievements, challenges and the way forward - Katarzyna Pakulska, Barbara Rychalska, Findwise

...and many more!!



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