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What is the Evention websites Cookie Policy?

The Evention websites Cookie Policy governs how cookie files and other technologies of similar nature are used by Evention on the website, other Websites and on the Profiles in the Social Media.

Other services provided by Evention on the basis of separate terms and conditions may require or provide for the use of other cookie files or technologies of similar nature or their use in another scope and for other purposes. The detailed information in this respect can be found in the terms and conditions or privacy policies of the respective services as stated in the information provided upon the commencement of use of such services.


Defined terms used throughout the Evention websites Cookie Policy

The Evention websites Cookie Policy contains information supplementary to the Evention websites Privacy Policy available on LINK in the scope of the use of cookie files and other technologies of similar nature.

The terms used throughout the Cookies Policy have the same meaning as in the Privacy Policy. The key terms are:

  • Cookie files – (also - cookies) small text files with information sent by the web server and stored on the User side (typically on the hard drive). Cookies typically contain the name of the website they come from, their retention duration on the terminal device and their unique number. They allow determining the number of visits to web pages, usage of individual functionalities, correct handling of the current session. Detailed information about cookie files may be found on Other technologies of similar nature may fulfil similar function. The other technologies of similar nature are computer data, in particular text files, which are stored directly in the terminal equipment of a Website User and are designed for using the Web pages. The Cookie files or other tools are used in the web browsers and applications for similar purposes, i.e. collecting, noting and storing information about Users’ activities. For the purpose of clarity, all tools of this nature are collectively called “Cookie files”;
  • Privacy Policy – this Evention website Privacy Policy;
  • Social Media Profile – Evention’s profile, Fan Page, channel on selected social media portal of other social media channel (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter) concerning Evention or a selected Event or service provided by Evention;
  • Terms and Conditions – Terms and Conditions of use of Evention websites available on LINK;
  • Website – every web page of the Service Provider subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and all its sub-pages;
  • Services – the services provided subject to the Terms and Conditions;
  • User – a natural person using the Services.

For what purpose do we use Cookie Files and other tracking tools?

Evention uses Cookie Files on Websites, uses the Cookie Files provided by the Social Media Providers and by other entities.

Evention is not using any own Cookie Files on the Profiles on Social Media. Evention is responsible solely for information received from the Cookie Files and other tools used by Social Media. Evention declines any and all liability for the cookie files or other technologies of similar nature used by Social Media.

We use the Cookie Files for the following purposes:


Providing the Services

We use Cookie files necessary to provide our Services. These files allow effective and user-friendly use of the Websites and facilitate using the Services or allow using various functionalities, including keeping alive the Website User’s session (after logging in), sparing the Users the need to re-enter their login and password on every sub-page.

For this purpose we also use the server logs. Information about certain User behaviours are being logged in the server layer. This data is used solely for the administration of the Website and to provide the most efficient possible support for the hosting services provided.

The resources browsed are identified with URL addresses. Also, the following may in addition be stored:

  1. the time of arrival of request,
    b. the time the reply is sent,
    c. name of the User Station – identification performed using the HTTP protocol,
    d. information about the errors that occurred while processing an HTTP transaction,
    e. the URL address of the website visited previously by the User (referrer link) – when the Website was visited using a link,
    f. information about the browser the User is using,
    g. information about the IP address.

The server logs are used solely for the purpose of administration of the Website, and we do not associate them with any specific Users browsing the Websites.


Services’ usage statistics

We are studying the statistics and developing analyses of the usage of our Services, e.g. individual Websites or their sub-pages hits, use of particular functionalities, to count the number of visits, their duration and frequency of use of individual sub-pages or their functionalities. Web page usage statistics and analyses allow us to analyse the Website performance and to determine the growth needs for our Services. Creating statistics helps us to understand how the Users use the Websites, allowing us to improve their structure and contents.

Some information may also help us with our advertising activities, including defining the User’s profile to display customised materials in the advertising networks, in particular Google’s network.

For analysing statistics we use our own Cookie Files and other technologies of similar nature that besides the information about user activities may contain information about the IP address, general location, type of device, and we use the services of other entities – mostly Google Analytics and HubSpot.

Advertising activities

We use Cookie Files and other technologies of similar nature to display information about our services that is matched to the individual interests or preferences of our Users. This makes the information we display more useful to their recipients.

For this purpose we use Cookie Files and other technologies of similar nature designed to note your activities for determining your preferences or interests in our Services, individual specialities or other contents contained on our Website or on the Profiles on Social Media.

What Cookie Files do we use?

We use the following Cookie File types:

  • Session Cookies are temporary files stored in the Users’ terminal device until the User logs out, leaves the Website or closes the (web browser) software.
  • Persistent Cookies are stored in the User’s terminal device for a specific length of time defined in the Cookie File parameters or until they are removed by the User.

You can manage Cookie Files

Most web browsers are initially set up to automatically accept Cookie Files. However, you can change the browser settings so that Cookie Files are blocked – completely or partially, e.g. only third-party cookies or to be informed each and every time a Cookie File is transmitted to your User device. For detailed information about setting the cookie preferences see the settings options of your (web browser) software.

Users can by themselves manage the settings and preferences for using individual web services. This requires changing the web browser preferences settings. Every web browser allows rejecting new Cookie Files and wiping the ones that were saved. Using your browser in incognito mode will disable installing any Cookie Files by Evention to track User activities.

Using some services necessitates the installation of Cookie Files, in particular setting up User accounts and using the Evention Academy on the Terms and Conditions of Evention Academy. The details can be found in the terms and conditions or privacy policies of these services.


Cookie Policy validity

This Cookie Policy is valid from the 1st of November 2020.



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