Are you passionate about Big Data, Data Science, Data Monetization, Real-time Stream Processing or Data Engineering?


Let's watch the videos from last year edition of Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit!  Meet over 50 outstanding speakers - visionaries and experts, who work with Big Data at the top data-driven companies.

Discover the most significant trends in Big Data from 2020.

DevOps best practices in AWS cloud

Adam Kurowski, Senior DevOps, StepStone Services
Kamil Szkoda, DevOps Team Leader and Product Owner, StepStone Services

Feature store: Solving anti-patterns in ML-systems

Andrzej Michałowski, Head of AI Research & Development, Synerise

Abstraction matters

Anthony Ibrahim, Head of Ab Initio DACH/CEE, Ab Initio

It's 2020. Why are we still using 1980s tech?

Arnon Shimoni, Product Manager and Solutions Architect, SQream

Monitoring & Analysing Communication and Trade Events as Graphs

Christos Hadjinikolis, Senior Consultant, Lead ML Engineer, Data Reply UK

From bioreactors to kibana dashboards

Fabian Wiktorowski, IT Expert, Roche

How to make your Data Scientists like you and save a few bucks while migrating to cloud - Truecaller case study

Fouad Alsayadi, Senior Data Engineer, Truecaller
Juliana Araujo, Data Product Manager, Truecaller
Tomasz Żukowski, Data Analyst, GetInData

Adventure in Complex Event Processing at telco

Jakub Błachucki, Big Data Engineer, Orange
Maciej Czyżowicz, Technical Leader for Analytics Stream, Orange
Paweł Pinkos, Big Data Engineer, Orange

Building a Factory for Machine Learning at Spotify

Josh Baer, Product Lead, Machine Learning Platform, Spotify

Neural Machine Translation: achievements, challenges and the way forward

Katarzyna Pakulska, Data Science Technology Leader, Findwise
Barbara Rychalska, Senior Data Scientist and Data Science Section Leader, Findwise

Credit Risk in practice on a global scale. New technology platform and methodologies in practice

Marcin Brożek, Credit Risk Modelling Expert, ING Tech Poland
Konrad Wypchło, Senior Chapter Lead, ING Tech Poland

Reliability in ML - how to manage changes in data science projects?

Kornel Skałkowski, Senior AI Engineer, Consonance Solutions

Leveraging hybrid cloud for real-time insights with the new Cloudera Data Platform

Marton Balassi, Manager, Streaming Analytics, Cloudera
Kamil Folkert, CTO, Member of the Board, 3Soft

Omnichannel Personalization as example of creating data ROI - from separate use cases to operational complete data ecosystem

Tomasz Burzyński, Business Insights Director, Orange
Mateusz Krawczyk, Personalization Solutions Product Owner, Orange

The Big Data Bento: Diversified yet Unified

Michael Shtelma, Solutions Architect, Databricks

Science @ PMI – Journey from business problem to the data product industrialization

Michał Dyrda, Senior Enterprise Data Scientist, Philip Morris International
Maciej Marek, Enterprise Data Scientist , Philip Morris International

Scale Your Logs, Metrics, and Traces with the Elastic Stack From traditional applications to microservices and Kubernetes

Philipp Krenn, Developer, Elastic

Replication Is Not Enough for 450 PB: Try an Extra DC and a Cold Store

Stuart Pook, Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Criteo

Will we see driverless cars in 20s?

Sławomir Folwarski, Senior Architect, DXC Analytics Platform, DXC Technology
Piotr Frejowski, System Architect, DXC Robotic Drive Program, DXC Technology

Challenges of modern analytics

Thomas Scholz, Sales Engineering Manager for EMEA, Snowflake

Kafka-workers, Parallelism First

Tomasz Uliński, Software Developer, RTB House

Towards enterprise-grade data discovery and data lineage at ING with Apache Atlas and Amundsen

Verdan Mahmood, Software Engineer, ING
Marek Wiewiórka, Big Data Architect, GetInData

Presto @ Zalando: A cloud journey for Europe’s leading online retailer

Wojciech Biela, Co-founder & Senior Director of Engineering, Starburst
Piotr Findeisen, Software Engineer, Starburst
Max Schultze, Data Engineer, Zalando SE

Interactive Analytics at Alibaba

Yuan Jiang, Senior Staff Engineer, Alibaba

Data Platform at Bolt: challenges of scaling data infrastructure in a hyper growth startup

Łukasz Grądzki, Engineering Manager, Bolt


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