Allegro is the most popular shopping platform in Poland and the largest e-commerce platform of European origin. We operate a marketplace model which means that customers can buy whatever they need from over 135,000 merchants, who can list an unlimited number of offers on our platform.

For over two decades, we have been serving consumers and promoting the idea of entrepreneurship in one of the most innovative areas of the economy. A long time ago, when Allegro was a startup, we had a team that fit comfortably on the couch. Today, over 7150 people work with us, our offices are located in 10+ offices across CEE, and the unique scale and complexity of the problems we solve every day give us the opportunity to develop a wide variety of projects.

Our technology team is actively involved in the life of the Polish IT community by participating in numerous conferences, giving lectures, organizing meetings and sharing knowledge. The Allegro Tech website is a place where you will find materials prepared by our engineers in the form of articles, podcasts and events.


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10-11th of April 2024


Evention sp. z o.o

Rondo ONZ 1 Str,

Warsaw, Poland


Weronika Warpas

+48 570 611 811

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