Let’s build a high performance cluster together. Best practices and hidden secrets of high performance computing systems infrastructures

The workshop will be conducted in the form of a lecture with examples of real projects. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. At the end of the workshop we will conduct a short test of the knowledge gained. The language of the lecture will be English.

   Target Audience

Technical leaders (CIOs, CDOs, team leaders) who plan to build the most effective and efficient hardware and software infrastructure solutions for ML/HPDA/Sim projects.

To benefit from attending the workshop, participants must understand the basic principles of building complex IT infrastructures.

    Participant’s ROI
You will learn the best practices of the world leader in high-performance computing. We will also unveil the hidden secrets of designing high-performance systems for Machine Learning / High performance Data Analytics / Simulations applications.

    Time Box

11.04 10.00 - 12.00


  • Basic principles of high-performance cluster systems design. Parallelism and other aspects affecting performance
  • Architecture and components of high-performance computing systems
  • Processors and accelerators for high-speed computing (GPU, APU, IPU, FPGA)
  • Examples of high-performance computing networks and the impact on computing performance.
  • Hierarchy of memory systems, data storage systems
  • Data center infrastructure (cooling, power, mechanics)
  • Infrastructure software (applications management, hardware monitoring, power management)
  • Short online knowledge test

   Participants limit
Since the workshop is delivered in the form of a lecture, there is no limit to the number of participants

    Session leader:

AI & HPC Specialist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
AI/ML and Big Data Solution Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise



Evention sp. z o.o

Rondo ONZ 1 Str,

Warsaw, Poland



Weronika Warpas