Intelligent chatbot with RAG on .NET and Azure

How to build an MS Teams BOT with your own knowledge databases based on Bot framework v4 and Azure's AI offerings?

A beginner-friendly introduction into technologies used in developing your very own a chatbot backed by Azure cloud AI offerings for your app to understand conversational language and to provide human-like responses. The lecture will go through general UI elements used in Bot Framework, where the AI stuff fits, and will run through demonstrate behaviour of those components individually and finally all of them working together in a demo of the existing bot built on top of said technologies.

    Time Box

11.04 10.00 - 12.00

    Workshop Formula

30-40 min workshop + Q&A session

   Who are the addressees of the workshop?

AI specialists, and people who work on projects linked with AI or the creation of Bot for their company.

    Technical Requirements

  • A stable internet connection, and a computer capable of accessing online presentation tools.
  • Language Skills: Proficiency in English is required to follow the presentation.
  • Expertise Level: The workshop welcomes individuals with basic to intermediate expertise in AI and software development.

    Participant Benefits

  • Acquire a basic overview of capabilities Bot Framework v4 and available tooling
  • Understand how to setup and use readily available cloud services to understand and categorize your user asks
  • Understand how to use GPT models to both humanize your preset answers and even providing your own data to get answers outside general knowledge bases


  • Bot Framework Overview
  • Common language understanding on Azure
  • Azure OpenAI service use-case

   Participants limit

30 - 40 people

    Session leader:

Senior .NET Engineer



Evention sp. z o.o

Rondo ONZ 1 Str,

Warsaw, Poland


Weronika Warpas

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