Empowering local teams to use global data in international organizations - finding right balance between speed and governance

In today’s interconnected business landscape, local market execution teams play a pivotal role in driving growth and customer engagement, especially in multinational organizations. This workshop dives deep into designing a comprehensive model that bridges global data initiatives with local execution needs. We’ll explore the trifecta of technology, people, and processes, ensuring seamless data adoption across organizational layers. From technical stack to user personas, and governance guidelines to communication channels, this workshop equips data practitioners, leaders, and managers with actionable insights to build agile and effective data structures and data teams combining global ambition for streamlining and governing data with local team needs to use it sooner than possible.

    Time Box

11.04 10.00 - 12.00

    Workshop Formula

The workshop will be divided into four main areas focusing around: understanding stakeholder personas, building an organizational structure, ensuring key communication lines and processes, and designing a technical backbone of data platform capabilities. Each of them will be based on two key components: a presentation of a real-life case study of the data-driven model design in the organization as a context and an interactive problem-solving part where within the group we will explore different propositions of approaches to the key problem statements.

   Who are the addressees of the workshop?

The workshop will be most suitable for managers, and leaders in various parts of data organizations. Data practitioners and leaders of data-consuming practices will also find it useful for gaining a holistic understanding of transformation processes. A basic understanding of data platform concepts and interests beyond the technical aspects of data analytics is highly recommended.

    Key benefits
This workshop lets data practitioners, leaders, and managers deep dive into the topic of data-driven transformation and will cover real-life insights on the persona-driven design of data platforms, building an organization of data experts, and processes surrounding data consumption for business value. Data practitioners and leaders will be equipped with a holistic view of running data analytics at scale in its technical, organizational, people, and process dimensions.


it might be adjusted to accommodate the time constraints, this one assumes 2 hours:

Workshop Structure:

  • Context and Introduction
    • Set the stage by discussing the importance of data-driven models in today’s business landscape.
    • Introduce the workshop objectives and expectations.
  • Understanding Stakeholder Personas
    • Explore the diverse personas involved in data consumption: analysts, executives, operational teams, and more.
    • Discuss their unique needs, pain points, and expectations.
  • Discuss Organizational Structures
    • Delve into organizational design principles that support data adoption.
    • Address questions related to team composition and model layers.
  • Defining Key Processes
    • Define key processes and communication lines to ensure a balance between stakeholders' interests.
    • Discuss best practices for transparent communication across global and local teams.
  • Building a Technical Backbone
    • Explore technical layers: data pipelines, analytics platforms, and reporting tools.
    • Consider scalability, security, and performance.
  • Bringing it all together
    • Full picture of the data-driven local market execution model.
    • Discussion on key implementation drivers and obstacles.

   Attendance limit

We could cover up to 20 attendees to keep it interactive. We could accommodate a bigger group but with limitations to the interactive component value.

    Session leader:

IT Senior Manager, Data Analytics
IT Director Data Analytics



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Warsaw, Poland



Weronika Warpas