Principles of designing new data platform as a product

Newer platform technologies enable analysts to build pipelines using 2 to 3 weeks training, as opposed to existing technology stacks that require extensive experience in dedicated engineering tools and languages like Python. This change is revolutionary for larger organisations as it unlocks a large pool of resources and provides strategic flexibility. This workshop will cover the topic of the modern data platform architecture principles. The session is intended to be an open discussion around the design choices that we will be presenting.


As this workshop will be conducted in an online form it is required to have a stable internet connection and headset that will allow to take active participation in the session. Workshop will be conducted in English; therefore, appropriate language skills are required. Knowledge about data and analytics and cloud is a must.

    Benefits for Participants

  • You will get to learn about some recent trends in data platform architecture
  • You will have the opportunity to consult on what are the biggest challenges while building a modern Data Platform
  • You will get to know how to work in a hybrid cloud setup


  • An introduction to typical data platforms gets implemented in big corporations
  • Reorganising teams due to constrains in manpower, and rethinking the current approach to creating data models and pipelines
  • Establishing a data mesh in an organisation
  • Working with the data stored across multiple clouds
  • Future-proof tech stack choices for modern data platforms

Note: the final agenda and scope might differ slightly.

   Participants limit
20 participants

   Keywords: #Azure, #Data Platform, #Hybrid Cloud, #Data Mesh, #Data Bricks, #DBT

    Session leaders

Senior Data Product Manager
Data Solutions Architect



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Weronika Warpas

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