Przemysław Pastuszka

Machine Learning Engineer, Ocado Technology Software Engineer with 6 years of experience in BigData space. I’ve started my career working for the US-based startup called Hadapt (now acquired by Teradata). The company goal was to deliver an enterprise-grade Hadoop platform with extremely fast SQL engine. While in Hadapt, I was mainly focused on the inhouse built distributed file system, which was designed as a highly-performant replacement for HDFS. Later on, I was hired by my current employer, Ocado Technology, to join BigData team. I have helped the company to move away from Oracle-centric analytics and transition all data-related operations into the cloud by building tools, which were missing in the offering of Google Cloud Platform. Recently, I’m working more closely with DataScientist to help them put their work into production. At the same time I’m highly engaged in building the Machine Learning Platform, which will democratize ML within the company by allowing all engineers to build