Mark Lyons

Chief Product Officer, Vertica

Mark leads the Vertica product management team. His expertise is in new product introductions, go-to-market planning, product roadmaps, requirement development, build/buy/partner analysis, new products, innovation and strategy.

Marcin Zukowski

Co-Founder, Snowflake

Marcin co-founded Snowflake and has been a key member of its engineering organization since. He is a leading expert in database processing, focusing on high performance and modern hardware architectures. Prior to Snowflake, Marcin was the CEO of Vectorwise, an innovative Dutch database company based on his research, acquired by Actian in 2012. Marcin has a PhD from the University of Amsterdam and a MSc from the Warsaw University and the Free University in Amsterdam. He is an author of scientific publications with thousands of citations and a named inventor on over 20 patents.

Mikio Braun

Strategic Consultant, 

Mikio Braun has worked as both a ML researcher and in various industry positions to put machine learning products into production. Previously he has worked at two of Europe's unicorn startups, Zalando and GetYourGuide. He is currently consulting companies on how to make the best use of machine learning, looking at the whole picture from technical infrastructure to product development.

Boxun Zhang

Data Science Lead, Unity

 Boxun Zhang is currently leading a cross-functional team of data scientists and engineers at Unity, building large-scale machine learning systems for real-time programmatic advertising. Previously, he worked as a data scientist at Spotify and Omio for a few years. Before joining the industry, he got his PhD from TU Delft, the Netherlands, with a focus of modelling user behaviours in large-scale distributed systems.


Alexandre Terrien

Data Engineer, Criteo

Alexandre has been working for nearly 3 years in Criteo's Data Models team, where he builds data pipelines to fulfill Criteo's reporting needs. He's been building the data quality infrastructure at Criteo, from a small POC on a few datasets to automated anomaly detection across most of the critical reporting data of Criteo.

Lucie Bailly

Master Data Manager, Doctolib

Lucie Bailly joined Criteo in 2012 as a Junior Data Engineer after graduating from the French engineering school EISTI. Throughout her time at Criteo, Lucie has been at the heart of building the ~100PB analytics stack that spans Hadoop, Vertica, and Tableau. In the process, she has gained the reputation as the Person Who Knows Everything About Data and Dashboards and has been critical to Criteo's success in going from a small French startup to a $2B+ AdTech giant. Lucie will join Doctolib as Master Data Manager in February

Maciej Jaskowski

Research Engineer, NoMagic

Maciej worked last 3 years training deep neural networks that drive robotic arms picking and placing. From the first days of NoMagic, he was in charge of designing and building infrastructure which minimizes the time between an experiment idea and a neural network model deployment on production.

Jiamei Du

Senior Data Scientist, Atlassian

Jiamei Du is a senior data scientist at Atlassian. Her day to day work involves designing A/B experimentation, building machine learning models and analysing for product growth insights. Before joining Atlassian, Jiamei was a product analyst in Google.

Axel Karlsson

AI Research Engineer, Peltarion

Axel is an AI Research Engineer in Peltarion’s research team. He joined Peltarion in June 2019 as an intern with a focus to use deep learning to generate weather forecasts. By the end of his internship, he had trained a neural network that achieved forecasts competitive with those produced by physical-based simulation models used in practice today. He has since then expanded on this work with new state-of-the-art improvements to the model using neural architecture search techniques and built an interactive web application. Prior to his work at Peltarion, Axel studied the Machine Learning Programme at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and worked at GetCompliant AB as a machine learning and front-end developer.



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