Philip Morris International

IT HUB Krakow - Philip Morris International
As one of PMI’s three in the world, our IT Hub creates the technology for a company that changes the world. Really.
Philip Morris International – one of the largest and most recognizable companies globally – is currently on a journey to deliver a smoke-free future and transforming into consumer-centric and technology-enabled business. Not bad, right?
Every day, we create a new reality through best-in-class systems, IoT, Big Data, AI/ML and Cyber Security, supported though Scaled Agile, Design Thinking and UX.
WHY should we do this with you?
Because technologies do not happen by themselves. Therefore, let's create them. Because we want our tomorrow to be better. Therefore, let's shape it. Because we still want more, and boredom is bad! Therefore, let's break the barriers.


10-11th of April 2024


Evention sp. z o.o

Rondo ONZ 1 Str,

Warsaw, Poland


Weronika Warpas

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