Warsaw Marriott Hotel

is a 5-star hotel in the very center of the Polish capital.

The Marriott Hotel is located in the very center of Warsaw, in the immediate vicinity of the Central Railway Station and suburban railways. From the Central Railway Station to the hotel it will take 5 minutes on foot.

The nearest metro station: METRO CENTRUM. JAK DOJADĘ app will help you find convenient public transport.

At the Marriott Hotel, speeches and discussions with Speakers will take place as part of the stationary part of the BDTWS 2023 conference. The evening meeting on March 29 will take place in a Warsaw club near the hotel - details here.


Parking in Złote Tarasy Shopping Center (entrance from E. Plater Street): PLN 35/day

Parking at the hotel:
(from Nowogrodzka Street): PLN 10/each commenced hour; PLN 240/day
underground (entrance from ul. E. Plater): PLN 20/h (9:00-18:00); PLN 10/h (18:00-9:00); PLN 330/day
special price for hotel guests (overground and underground parking): PLN 170/day *

You can also click on the LINK to check other parking options.

* Conference guests, before leaving the parking, should go to the hotel reception and ask for a discount stamp, referring to their participation in the conference.


To stay at the Marriott hotel, please click the button below, call the hotel reception or send an e-mail and enter the password „BIG DATA 2023”.

The password entitles you to receive a room on 28th-30th of March, 2023 at a special discounted price: PLN 530 net/day for a single room, PLN 590 net/day for a double room. (Cost on the Participant's side.)

The above special rates include buffet breakfast served at Floor No. 2 restaurant.

Reservations should be made by 28th of February, 2023 at the latest - after this date, making a reservation will depend on the availability of rooms and the current price.

Hotel contact:
+48 22 630 55 28

Attraction for conference participants in the hotel

A moving VR rally simulator

The VR car simulator is a top-class device. The construction of the stand consists of a movable platform on which a bucket seat is mounted, a sports steering wheel, gear stick and pedals. The device perfectly reproduces car driving, shocks and overloads. The racing simulator is a great attraction for motorisation fans, but also lovers of adrenaline and thrills. Combined with virtual reality goggles, you get the feeling of driving a real racing car. Guests can race on Formula 1 tracks from around the world. A rich collection of cars allows you to choose the car of your dreams, with which guests will cover the route of the race of their choice.


10-11th of April 2024


Evention sp. z o.o

Rondo ONZ 1 Str,

Warsaw, Poland



Weronika Warpas

+48 570 611 811

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