Workshop Foundations of Data Engineering with Google Cloud Platform - February 23-24, 2021 ONLINE


In this two day workshop you will learn the basics of data engineering with Google Cloud Platform. While getting familiar with services like Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery or DataFlow we will walk through the common data flow patterns adopted by companies migrating to the cloud. The workshop will contain a series of exercises that will help you get a hands on experience with Google Cloud Platform as well as an opportunity to discuss best practices, security, scalability and cost management aspects.

   Target Audience

Workshop is dedicated to everyone who is interested in how to use Google Cloud Platform’s Big Data stack. Having in mind that there will be some coding required, this workshop is recommended for data analysts, data scientists and engineers. Prior experience with Google Cloud is not required.



    Participant’s ROI

♦   Hands on experience with Google Cloud Platform under supervision of experienced GCP engineers.
♦   Knowledge of how to build complete, end to end data engineering workflows from ingesting data to BI dashboards.
♦   Tips about real world scenarios and best practices.


    Training Materials

All participants will get training materials in the form of PDF files containing slides with theory and exercise manual with the detailed description of all exercises.


    Time Box

This is a two-day event, 4h per day, there will be some breaks between sessions.



February 23, 2021,  Day 1 (9 am - 1 pm)

Session #1 - Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

♦   High level overview of GCP stack
♦   Interacting with Google Cloud

Session #2 - BigQuery - cloud data warehouse for analytics

♦   Introduction to Google Cloud Storage
♦   Introduction to Google BigQuery
♦   Hands-on exercises

February 24, 2021,  Day 2 (9 am - 1 pm)

Session #3 - Dataflow - stream and batch processing

♦   Introduction to Apache Beam and Dataflow
♦   Scenarios for batch and stream processing
♦   Hands-on exercises

Session #4 - Pipeline orchestration and data visualisation

♦   Introduction to Google Data Studio
♦   Pipeline orchestration with Cloud Composer
♦   Hands-on exercises

Session #5 - Summary and further learning path


   Keywords: Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, Dataflow, Beam, Data Studio


    Session leader:

Google Certified Professional - Cloud Architect



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Rondo ONZ 1 Str,

Warsaw, Poland


Weronika Warpas