Payment via Dotpay

Paying via Dotpay, you have to choose from a variety of payment methods including online bank transfer, postal order, payment by “my bills” or pay in Żabka supermarket or Freshmarket. Below you will find a description of the selected methods offered in the service Dotpay:

Transfer/Bank transfer: this method allows you to make regular subscription fee by bank transfer or make the transfer at the post office. To make this, select “payment Dotpay”, and then “Transfer/Bank transfer”. After entering the details, you will be able to print the completed form, needed to make a payment at a post office or make traditional transfer, prescribing details to transfer with form.

Online money transfer via Dotpay: to pay by bank transfer online, after moving to “Dotpay”, you need to choose your bank from the list. After that will automatically transfering to the login page of the selected bank, where after entering the user details transfer will be made automatically.

Payment via “MyBills”/Payment in Żabka shops or Freshmarket: Choosing this option in the service Dotpay from the list of available payment methods, select the “My Accounts”, and then follow the instructions.

How does the payment process using the system Dotpay

After choosing payment via Dotpay system will appear a page where we will be able to choose the method of payment.