The participation in the Big Data Tech conference is paid. The price depends on the submission date.


Conference price:


  • Until November 17 2017

1199 PLN netto (VAT tax not included) / 280 Euro – conference only

1699 PLN netto (VAT tax not included) / 400 Euro – workshops only

2300 PLN netto (VAT tax not included) / 540 Euro – conference and workshops


  • After November 17 2017

1699 PLN netto (VAT tax not included) / 400 Euro – conference only

2199 PLN netto (VAT tax not included) / 518 Euro – workshops only

2700 PLN netto (VAT tax not included) / 630 Euro – conference and workshops


The additional discount includes members of following groups: WHUG, DATAKRK, DSW, and participants of the previous edition.

The price includes participation in all sessions and lectures, conference materials, lunch and coffee breaks.


We accept group participation!*

* Group participation is available in conference only.

In case of 2 or more participants from one organization the cost of the participation is determined individually.

Please contact Karolina Seliga, e-mail: .lp.1508297462noitn1508297462eve@a1508297462giles1508297462.anil1508297462orak1508297462


  1. The deadline for submitting the Conference is 21 February 2018. The confirmation shall be send to the e-mail address given in the submission form (within seven days after registration).
  2. To participate in conference one must fill the on-line submission form, receive the confirmation e-mail from the Organizer and pay the payment to the Organizer’s account. The basis for the payment is an pro-forma invoice, that would be issued and send at the e-mail address given in the submission form (in PDF). Within 14 days from  the payment date, the VAT invoice will be issued and send to the address given in the submission form.
  3. Not paying the payment is not equal to the resignation of the participation in the conference.
  4. Registration for the conference shall mean the acceptance of Evention and conference Partners to use photographs, video and transcriptions with your image  in marketing and promotional actions.
  5. For the participation issues please contact: Karolina Seliga, e-mail: lp.no1508297462itnev1508297462e@agi1508297462les.a1508297462nilor1508297462ak1508297462, mobile +48 533 397 633
  6. The Organizers reserve the right to changes in conference agenda and to cancellation in case of circumstanced beyond Organizers’ control. In case of cancellation of the event, the participants will be informed and the payments will be refund by bank transfer.
  7. Registration shall mean the acceptance of these regulations and it is basis for issuing an invoice.
  8. Resignation
  • In case of resignation, a written form is required. Please send the letter of resignation via e-mail to .lp.n1508297462oitne1508297462ve@ag1508297462iles.1508297462anilo1508297462rak1508297462
  • In case of resignation till the 16 February 2018, the Organizers shall accept the resignation and refund the payment via bank transfer.
  • In case of resignation after February 15 2018 the payment shall not be refund. People who had not withdrawn before the conference and had not participated, will be charged with the full cost of the participation.